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I don't post much due to laziness. Also I draw sometimes and it tends to be Sherlock these days. I really need to draw more but, you know, lazy + no attention span. Also also I like nature paleo random whatever so there's that as well.
I'm all about the ask, so feel free. fyi I do answer things privately.

**A warning: I'm very fond of images featuring fictionally beat-up or bloody or psychologically vulnerable men, although I post that stuff rarely. I try to tag for it but sometimes I flake out horribly. So, if you really need to avoid that sort of thing, you probably shouldn't follow me just be be safe!

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- bb
Oct 19 '14

In our place, we call this Buko. :))
Photo credits to Choose Philippines facebook page. (do not change source)

In our place, we call this Buko. :))

Photo credits to Choose Philippines facebook page. (do not change source)

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Oct 19 '14

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Oct 19 '14

I’ve accomplished many chores this weekend. Quite frankly, I want a weekend from my weekend ugh. BUT accomplishments! Always nice to feel accomplished. Yesterday and today I:

  • Rearranged terrible hallway closet
  • Moved bins of crap into carts. Down with bins! Up with drawer carts!
  • Shuffled bedroom stuff around and organized it better
  • Did a Major Litter Box Clean
  • Laundry
  • Removed scraggly spiderwebs from windows
  • Scrubbed shower, bathtub, bathroom sink
  • Made food for the week
  • Scrubbed stupid dingy lunch bag. It’s still dingy. Damn you, metro newspaper.
  • Drew for like 15 minutes o m g !

Yeeeeeah go self. My reward for Accomplishing Things was some fried chicken wings on Saturday, and today reward #2 was supposed to be the savaging of a beautiful green coconut. However, tragically, my beautiful green coconut was brown on the inside. Its two and a half cups of juice undrinkable! It’s squashy jelly meat inedible! I CRY. SO MUCH.

At least I can cry on these leftover wings so that’s a comfort.

In any case, I’m going to try to draw a bit more after feeding on the wings. WISH ME LUCK. I need it yo that is the truth ahahh hah hah.

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Oct 19 '14


Drew most of today.  A dragon for banditbrineshrimp and a pinup and kitty for NoelleBlue!


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Oct 19 '14

Inktober 2014 -19/31:  Air Traffic


Inktober 2014 -19/31:  Air Traffic

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Oct 19 '14

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Oct 18 '14

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Oct 18 '14


You may not know the name Homer Laughlin, a china factory in Newell, W. Va., but you’ll likely recognize — or have eaten off of — its most famous product: brightly colored, informal pottery called Fiesta.

While most of America’s china factories have closed, unable to compete with “made in China” or Japan or Mexico, Homer Laughlin, which set up shop on the banks of the Ohio River in 1873, is still going strong. It employs about 1,000 people.

Linda Wertheimer takes us into the depths of the factory — which feels like a relic from a different time — to show us how Fiesta has kept this company going.

Photos/GIFs by Ross Mantle for NPR


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Oct 18 '14


How many millenia has it been since I’ve done any sort of background

chara designs and style and colors all so amazing aaah

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Oct 17 '14

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